Here is the second webinar from the Bace Cybersecurity Institute (BCI, ).

There is no cost to attend this online event, but you have to register. Again, I am cross-posting a similarly-worded invitation to my 2000-ish fellow Fellows at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and hence my long .sig line.

Webinar: Cyber Attacks Taking Advantage of COVID-19: Detailed Views


Discussion on details of the cyber-attacks taking advantage of the current virus crisis 

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Bace Cybersecurity Institute (BCI) has recently launched a series of bi-weekly webinars discussing the new and evolving cybersecurity challenges brought on by the pandemic. In our last webinar, we discussed the massive increase in cyber-attacks by opportunistic criminals attacking hospitals, medical supply chains, and individuals. These attacks, coupled with vulnerabilities created by remote working situations have resulted in an especially fragile situation for many individuals and organizations, including medical institutions fighting at the front lines to save lives. 

You can view a recording of our first webinar here. The Password is 0k&!6@5?

Please join the conversation with top cybersecurity experts to exchange information about what is happening, how we can fight back to shut down these attacks, and how we can help those who have already fallen victim.

Office Hours

The webinar will be followed by Office Hours on Wednesday, May 13th at 11am PDT/2pm EDT for smaller group discussions and Q&A, we will send a registration link after the webinar on May 6th. A webinar will be hosted every other week at the same time, each with detailed discussions on specific topics.

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Meet our Speakers 

       Fleming Shi, CTO of Barracuda

       Marc Rogers, VP Cyber at Okta

       Diana Neuman, Executive Director of BCI

       Mark Cummings, CTO of BCI

Join us for this live webinar to learn about the threats we are currently facing, how you can help, and what we can do to be better prepared for the future.

Can’t make it live? We will post a recording on the BCI Website and send a link to everyone who registers!