Dan Kaminsky-nyt

“When a reporter asked Mr. Kaminsky why he did not exploit the DNS flaw to become immensely wealthy, he said that doing so would have been morally wrong, and that he did not want his mother to have to visit him in prison.”–New York Times

New York Times Obituary here

We are greatly saddened to learn of the untimely passing of Dan Kaminsky, who in addition to his many notable achievements served on our Program Committee from 2011 to 2015. A brilliant, clever, and kind guy, Dan first attended AMW in 2010 and never failed to bring sessions that blew everyone away, left us with lots to think about, and made us eagerly anticipate the next one.

The New York Times obituary includes Paul Vixie’s recollections of Dan’s role in identifying and fixing a DNS problem that could, essentially, have ended it all.¬† Also a fine tale from his mom about his early forays into military computers. Check it out!

We miss Dan terribly and will do our best to carry on in his spirit. We’re grateful to have had him with us, however briefly.