Becky Bace

We still miss the late Becky Bace, a frequent participant and presenter at AMW. We’re delighted, however, to pass along this announcement!

Bace Cybersecurity Institute Launches in honor and memory of Rebecca Bace

The founding team of Bace Cybersecurity Institute (BCI) is announcing BCI’s formation and designation as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in honor and memory of internationally recognized Cybersecurity expert Rebecca (Becky) Bace and we’re inviting you to participate.

BCI’s goal is to empower imperfection. Vulnerabilities aren’t going away, so we are designing systems that thrive in the face of relentless assault. And, while perfectly secure remains out of reach, we are creating ways to measure how much closer we are getting.

When buying a car you ask: is this car safe? What does safe mean? For the last 40 years, car crash test safety ratings have been published allowing side-by-side and year-over-year comparisons, “this car is safer than that car.” We also understand that when a car is “safe,” it doesn’t mean it will never crash, but rather it gives the best protection for the occupants if a crash occurs. The world of Cybersecurity has not advanced as far—no realistic measurement of “more” or “less” secure exists, and each and every one of over 16,000 new vulnerabilities discovered every year is powerful enough to cause businesses to fold, data to be lost, and endanger lives.

In 2015, Becky Bace called for a “Ralph Nader moment” in Cybersecurity. Nader’s book, “Unsafe at Any Speed” was a catalyst for monumental change in the automotive industry—by measuring safety and focusing on survivability, there are now 88% fewer vehicle deaths per mile. BCI is determined to get the same results in Cybersecurity starting with the same methods: measure the effectiveness of security and focus on systems that survive vulnerabilities.

Brilliance or insight can come from any quarter and any one can make a difference. BCI will work for open and vibrant cooperation among government, industry, academia, and society in general. Please help us by getting involved!

Get involved –

BCI has been spearheaded and founded by a small group of dedicated cybersecurity people originally organized by Becky.  It is committed to continuing the work of Becky Bace by advancing cybersecurity while embracing imperfection. If this mission resonates with you, we inviteyou to join us and contribute in whatever way you can:

Volunteer – every person can make a difference. BCI needs volunteers to help us collect data and use cases, provide group coordination, or contribute to research and customer-focused projects.

Evangelize – as a new organization, we are not spending money on advertising, so your help in spreading the world is extremely valuable.

Donate – with your contribution, the Bace Cybersecurity Institute will work tirelessly to build a more secure world. See a problem area that needs a revolution? Let us know so we can add it to our list of grand challenges.

Share your knowledge – If you want to help us take those giant leaps, but are short on time, share your experiences. We are looking for use cases about resiliency or the lack thereof, example metrics, and stories from the industry.


Over the coming months, the founding team and dedicated volunteers at BCI will be working to refine our initial projects and to further organize to deliver on Becky’s vision of a unified collaboration to dramatically improve Cybersecurity.

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“If you apply enough people with a few criteria at the beginning, convergence will begin immediately. You may not find the needle right away, but you’ll eliminate the three-quarters of the hay-stack that’s not productive.” – Becky Bace