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Invitation Letter text:

We’re pleased to invite you to the Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop on April 27-29, 2022 at the Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, California, on the Monterey Peninsula.  It’s our forty-eighth year!  After two years of virtual mode forced on us by the pandemic, our board of directors has decided to take a chance to attempt a hybrid event this year in order to preserve essential continuity. 

By necessity, we’ve made some big changes.  We realize quite a few of you with risk factors cannot travel to be with us in person.  Therefore, to be financially prudent by mitigating the risk of ruinous “liquidated damages” due to low turnout, we scaled down our commitment for the live meeting by half: 50 fully vaccinated, boosted, and tested participants.  50 active participants will still provide a critical mass for the program, interaction, and making connections.  Plus, after two years, actual “hallcons”!  If you haven’t attended in a while, please apply.  Special precautions will be taken in the meeting and social rooms, and for meals.  Only single sleeping rooms will be generally available unless special requests are made.  Most content will be streamed online at a reduced registration fee.  RAT Talks which will either be live (if the rest of the Workshop goes forward), or virtual (if we are forced to again cancel our space at Asilomar), but not both. 

We are invoking the old Workshop rule of “no wallflowers.”  With the smaller size, active participation by everybody is essential.  If you choose to apply, it is highly likely you will be asked to speak at a session.  Whether you are on the formal program or not, you should be prepared to give a 10-minute talk about something.  Anything.  We don’t care, so long as you know more about it than we do.  We aren’t throwing our standards out the window—so as always, we discourage overt commercialism. 

We are retaining several recent successful innovations in the Workshop’s format.  For example, we are organizing a high-profile headliner-type event on Wednesday evening, with the punch and gravitas of the after-dinner talk by Dave Patterson in 2019.  After that, newcomers (who will be assigned buddies) will have a chance to pitch their elevator speeches to all, followed by the classic string of Athematic Short Talks.  Because the pandemic and geopolitics have given the world a healthy reality check on the importance of supply chains and keeping chip fabs closer to home, the perennial “Eponymous Microprocessor Session” on Thursday morning is in the capable hands of Ken Shoemaker, who now has more free time on his hands.  On Friday morning, Brian Berg will be running “Orthogonal Shotgun Redux” in honor of the late, great Jim Warren, who left us last year.  Your responses to questions in the registration form will help us shape the program.  Our reengineered website www.amw.org provides additional info, including all programs back to 1975, and updates as this year’s program evolves.

These safety measures and risk mitigations carry a cost.  Dividing the usual fixed costs, plus some unusual costs, amongst a smaller base of participants means that our rates have to go up.  The “Early Bird” rate is $999 if your registration with payment is postmarked or filed online by Thursday, February 24, 2022.  (This discount expires in about a month, so don’t dawdle!)  The fee covers everything except your own travel: workshop registration, single-occupancy lodging, handouts and all meals and refreshments.  The Regular registration fee of $1299 is available from Friday February 25 until Monday, March 14, 2022.  On Tuesday March 15, the fee rises again to the Rush Rate of $1499, and applications to participate will only be accepted as our limited facility space allows.  Don’t procrastinate. 

We work hard to keep the workshop fees as low as we can amidst all this uncertainty.  Please let us know if cost might keep you from attending as a limited number of scholarships may be provided on a case-by-case basis.  Even if you are unable to attend, your tax-deductible donations can help sponsor things like breaks, scholarships, etc.  Please contact me (chair@amw.org) if you can help. 

Please register as soon as possible.  If circumstances once again force cancellation of the in-person event, your fee will be refunded.  You may register in any one of four ways:

  • Online at www.amw.org using PayPal
  • Mail registration form with payment to AMW, PO Box 2505, Cupertino, CA 95015-2505
  • Email registration to registration@amw.org and then pay via PayPal.
  • Fax registration to (650) 969-8461 and then pay via PayPal.

Payment information appears at the bottom of the Registration Form.  Let us know if you need a receipt.

On behalf of the entire Organizing Committee, thank you.  We look forward to another great workshop.

Robert G. Kennedy III, PE, General Chair                           chair@amw.org